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5 Great Date Night Ideas for Your Next Limo Ride

Whether you’re planning a special anniversary evening for the love of your life, or trying to impress your crush with the first date of a lifetime, there’s nothing better than a romantic limo ride to fan the flames of love. Here are a few fun date night ideas you can incorporate into your limo ride.

Memory Lane– Perfect for couples who are celebrating their anniversary, a limo ride down Memory Lane can be sentimental, funny and romantic all at the same time. Begin your journey at the place where you first met, then continue over to where you first kissed, said “I love you,” or even got engaged! You can put all kinds of significant relationship landmarks into your trip- that horrible first apartment with the leaky roof, the football stadium where you ended up on the Kiss Cam- don’t be afraid to make it your own! Every couple has a love story- tell yours with an epic limo landmark tour!

Star Treatment– Everybody dreams of being famous at one time or another. Give your special someone the red-carpet treatment with a celebrity-inspired limo ride! For your first stop, check out a hot restaurant or bistro where celebrities have been known to hang out. Follow that up with a nightclub that is famed for celebrity sightings, stroll down the iconic Walk of Fame, checking out the handprints of a century’s worth of stars, and finish off the evening parked in your limo with a breathtaking view of the world-famous Hollywood sign. It will be an evening to remember for any stargazing couple!

Born to Rock– If you’re planning a date night to a concert, let a limo be part of your big night out! Get set to party like a rock star without having to worry about parking, traffic or the drive home. Don’t forget to bring a CD or playlist of your favorite band’s hits so you can get pumped up on the way to the concert venue!

First Date– Trying to woo a new crush? Nothing like picking him or her up in a limo to set the tone for the evening. Show your classy side by letting the chauffeur drive you to a four-star restaurant, open a bottle of champagne in the back, and toast to a promising future ahead.

The Fairy Tale– Here’s one for the lady in your life who has seen Pretty Woman about 350 times (so, basically all of us). Remember that scene where Richard Gere comes charging up in his white limo to “rescue” Julia Roberts from her lame apartment via the fire escape? You don’t? Well, she does, and you will score major bonus points for rolling up to her place with a bunch of flowers and some opera music blasting out of the limo. Perfect for apologies!

No matter what you and your special someone choose to do on Date Night, do it with Limo 805. We add a touch of style and class to any special occasion, and make sure your big night out is memorable from start to finish. Contact Limo 805 today to book your L.A.-area limo ride.

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