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5 Limo Birthday Party Ideas

Nothing says “celebrate” quite like a limo ride! Whether you’re turning 5 or 50, incorporating a limousine into your birthday celebration not only adds a touch of class but also ups the fun factor! Here are 5 ideas for working a limo into your birthday party fun this year.

Fill it with Balloons– An especially fun touch for a child or teen’s birthday, imagine having a chauffeur open the door to the limo you get to ride in for the day, only to see a bouquet of beautiful, brightly-colored balloons decorating the ceiling! Now that’s a fun way to get the party started!

Signature Cocktails– Invent a fun cocktail named after the birthday boy or girl, and have glasses of it waiting in the limo for each guest as they get in. The guest of honor will feel special and loved, and the guests will have fun sipping their signature cocktail as they ride in style to the party venue! Best of all, the cocktails can be modified to “mocktails” if your birthday party crowd is in the under-21 set.

Fancy it Up– Need a good excuse to get ultra glam for a birthday party? Want to dress in tuxedos and evening gowns with your friends for the night out on the town? Make your birthday a black-tie event this year, and get set to have fun cruising around with your crew, dressed to the nines in your own private limo.

Opt for a Party Bus– If you have way too many people on your guest list to fit into a standard limo, consider a party bus this year! True to its name, the party bus provides a fun, celebratory atmosphere, with cool lights, music, and a bar. Try the party bus once and you’ll want to rent one every year!

Create a Slideshow of Memories– If your best friend is having a milestone birthday, making a photo slideshow or video about your friendship is a touching gift that will give everyone the feels! After creating your slideshow, be sure to burn it onto a DVD so you can play it in the limo for all to enjoy.

Limo 805 wants to help you achieve maximum fun at your next birthday party! We are available to provide safe, reliable and stylish transportation to partygoers in and around the Los Angeles area. Call or contact Limo 805 to book your limo or party bus for your next special occasion!

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