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7 Questions for Your Corporate Car Provider

Corporate Limo Service | Limo 805 | 805-443-2233Your corporate car provider is entrusted with the important task of transporting esteemed clients and valued employees, so you must be certain the company you choose provides top quality service for every reservation. To avoid the embarrassing mistake of hiring an unprofessional transportation company, here are 7 questions for your corporate car provider to ensure you’re choosing the right company:

  1. What fees are included with the service? Many companies have costly fees which are noted within the contract, but not thoroughly explained to corporate clients.

  2. Will you provide transportation reporting? To ensure you receive up-to-date reporting for your company’s transportation expense accounting, your corporate car provider should readily offer this service to all clients.

  3. Do you offer an on-time guarantee? Reputable transportation companies will offer their clients an on-time guarantee. If a company does not offer such a guarantee, it’s likely because their drivers frequently arrive late for reservations.

  4. Are your drivers periodically checked for qualifying as safe drivers? Corporate car providers must regularly check the driving records and backgrounds of every driver to guarantee the safety of passengers.

  5. Do you have an updated fleet? Superior corporate car providers will offer an impeccable, modern fleet from which to choose.

  6. Do you check in with your corporate client prior to a reservation? At Limo 805, our reservation specialists and drivers will contact you multiple times in the days leading up to the reservation to verify whether any changes must be made, including confirming flight arrival and departures times for airport transportation.

  7. Are your drivers highly experienced? A driver must be acutely familiar with the local areas and equipped with a GPS device. To go a step further, the drivers of Limo 805 check traffic reports and alter driving routes to ensure punctuality.

Corporate Limo Service in Ventura County

Before you trust your corporate transportation needs to a questionable car company, please call the friendly staff of Limo 805 at 805-443-2233. We have been in business since 2002, because we understand what it takes to offer unparalleled service to our corporate clients. Protect your business interests by trusting the professionals of Limo 805.


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