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7 Stops to Take on Your Los Angeles City Tour

Welcome to Los Angeles! Our reputation for sun, fun and a touch of glamour is known around the world, and we have many points of interest that we highly recommend to visitors to our fair city. Of course, if you really want the L.A. experience, there’s no better way to see the sights than on a tour of the city in your very own limo from Limo 805! Here are seven of our favorite must-see spots in the City of Angels.

  • Hollywood!- The epicenter of movie magic, Hollywood is where all of your favorite films (or at least most of them) are made. From the old-world movie stars of the 1940s to today’s up and coming celebrities, Hollywood is world-renowned for being the place to go to see the stars. While you aren’t guaranteed a celebrity sighting, you can stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, check out the hand and footprints immortalizing hundreds of celebrities outside the Chinese Theatre, and enjoy the incredible view of the famed Hollywood sign.
  • Venice Beach– Come experience the Los Angeles vibe at its finest at this world-famous beach known for its bodybuilders, skateboarders, and bohemian spirit. The boardwalk is an excellent place for people-watching, and the eccentric, wacky sense of fun about the entire beach is infectious.
  • Rodeo Drive– Channel your inner Pretty Woman and have your limo take you on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive! This fashion mecca is home to the most high-end designer boutiques in the world, and even if you can’t afford the price tags, window shopping is always a lot of fun.
  • Disneyland– No matter how old you are, nothing beats the magic and excitement of seeing the Disneyland castle up close! The legendary theme park that just recently celebrated its 60th anniversary is simultaneously classic and current, with rides for all ages featuring the most beloved characters in our history,
  • Randy’s Donuts– A slightly more quirky but arguably important landmark in Los Angeles, Randy’s is known for its awesome landmark sign, a giant, 32-foot donut attached to the roof of the otherwise unassuming bakery. The donut shop has become something of a Los Angeles institution, with appearances in Entourage, The Golden Child, Crocodile Dundee, and perhaps most famously, Iron Man 2 (in which the titular character forlornly munches on a donut inside the iconic sign).
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs– Perhaps the most famous hot dog stand in the world, Pink’s has become famous for its creatively-topped dogs, some bearing the names of celebrities who helped inspire them. In fact, many stars have visited Pink’s since its 1939 opening- celebrities as varied as Michael Jackson, Steve Martin, Marlon Brando and Aretha Franklin are known to have stopped in for a hot dog. Long lines can be found at Pink’s any time of day, so be warned that you’re in for a wait, but it’s well worth it.
  • Santa Monica Pier– For amusement-park fun in a beautiful beach setting, there is only one place to go- the Santa Monica Pier. This historical venue for fun for all ages got its start in 1909, and first gained fame as a favorite fishing spot. These days, you and your family can enjoy a fun day at the pier with attractions such as the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, free historical walking tours, and of course, the Ferris wheel, old-fashioned carousel, and roller coasters of Pacific Park.

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