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7 Tips to Find the Best Airfare Prices

BUR Airport TransportationDo you want to find the best airfare prices, but don’t know how? We have 7 insider tips that will allow you to find the best prices no matter your destination. From Hawaii to Italy, you can save on your airfare.

1. Purchase at the Right Time

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to buy your tickets, but you want to purchase tickets about 6 weeks before your departure. This allows you to receive the lowest price, nearly 6% below average, for your tickets.

2. Buy in the Morning

Don’t wait until the sun goes down to make your purchase. A reduced number of flights and a limited amount of seats are shown only at night, making costs rise.

3. Buy on Tuesday states that the best time to buy tickets is on a Tuesday around 3 PM EST.

4. Fly on a Wednesday

When possible, make it so that you leave for your destination on a Wednesday. Mid-week departures are more affordable. If you choose a day at the end of the week, you’ll pay a steep price and find fewer seating options.

5. Depart First in the Morning

Are you an early riser? Most people don’t want to choose a 6 AM flight because it is too early. According to the U.S. News and World Report, flights that depart first in the morning are cheaper.

6. View Low Cost Options

A true gem of a tip. Did you know that travel comparison sites don’t list all airlines? Low-cost airlines are often not included on these sites because they want to keep prices as low as possible for the consumer.

Southwest and JetBlue are two airlines with cheaper prices that aren’t found on most comparison websites.

7. Create Alerts

Price alerts allow you to snatch up deals on tickets that are normally much higher in price. is just one of many sites that will allow you to track the price of airfare through alerts, so you can purchase when prices are lower.

BUR Town Car Transportation

Using these tips, you’ll be able to save money on your next flight. We make BUR airport transportation easy with our town car rentals services. Call Limo 805 at (805) 443-2233 to book your airport transportation today!

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