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The Greatest Birthday Gifts For Your Best Friend this Year

There’s only one person who will hold your hair back while you puke your guts out, text you 15 minutes into that first date, pick you up from work when your parents got in an accident, and stand by you on your wedding day. Your best friend.

You may have known each other since second grade, or you may have shared an instant bond when you met at your last job. In either case, your best friend is there for you through thick and thin. They will take your side, even when it’s wrong. They will help pick up the pieces after everything falls apart. The question is, what will you do for them? What are the best birthday gifts to show your appreciation for the best friend in your life?

Go Personal

There is a long history of giving personalized gifts to important people. What helps your best friend remember a late night of drinking better than a mug matching the one used by the bar? That same mug with their name and a short saying from the night engraved on it. Just adding a name doesn’t mean much, a toaster with a name is still a toaster. Try to find a gift with meaning, a knife for a hunting friend or a compact for a clubbing friend, and get that engraved with both their name and a saying you share.

Practical is out, Meaningful is in

A new hair dryer might be on your friends list of needs, but it isn’t a great best friend gift. Find something that ties back to when you met. Even better, find something that commemorates your best times together. This is your best friend, not your brother.

Skip Stuff, Give Experiences

Ten years from now the phone case you found today won’t fit their phone. The shoes you picked out won’t be in style anymore, and the chocolate bar will be long gone. What does last is memories. Give a skydiving experience, a wine tour, or a night on the town. Get a birthday limo rental from a reputable company, such as Limo 805 in Los Angeles, and have a party night to remember.

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