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Best Places to Eat in the LAX Airport

LAX airport accommodates millions of passengers each year, and while waiting to depart, picking up delicious food is always a good idea. Inside the airport, there are several great food options that don’t include a vending machine or spending money on expensive in-flight food dishes.

The following 5 places to eat will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

1. Ink.sack

A unique name that many people have never heard of before. Ink.sack is the perfect place to order a sandwich that is delicious and affordable. Prices are $6 – $8 a sandwich and include everything from a turkey Reuben to a salad sandwich and a turkey melt.

2. 800 Degrees

An elegant choice for anyone wanting a slice of pizza before they board their plane. Called 800 Degrees, the main draw of this restaurant is their pizza. They have delicious Neapolitan pizza with a variety of toppings to choose from.

Specialty pizzas are available as well as salads, breads and a variety of other Italian-centric food choices.

3. Umami Burger

Are you craving a burger that is far better than any fast food choices you’ll find? Umami Burger is situated at the end of the kiosks and is often easy to miss. Fresh ingredients are available as well as burgers with roasted tomatoes and parmesan crisps on beef patties.

4. Petrossian

Not worried about prices? Petrossian is an upper-class eatery with some of the fanciest meals you’ll find in all of LAX. This is where you will go to sip champagne before your flights or indulge in a plate of caviar and blinis before departing.

There is also liquor at Petrossian, such as vodka, which will help nervous passengers relax before their flight.

5. Loteria! Grill

The Loteria! Grill is so popular that they had to open up two different outlets in the airport. This Mexican grill offers delicious tacos, burritos and virtually any Mexican dish you can think of at a price that is very affordable.

Want to eat something light? Loteria! Grill also offers a wide selection of salads and soups.

LAX airport has a variety of food choice for all tastes. With dozens of great places to eat, you can grab something good on your way out of LA or before you pick up your LAX transportation service on the way out.

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