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Finding The Best LA Wine Tour

A trip to Los Angeles without stopping by a vineyard is like a trip to Denver without visiting a brewery. It just seems like something is missing. Thousand Oaks, CA is part of Simi Valley, home to many excellent vineyards.

A wine tour takes this a step further. Instead of just visiting a single you visit a handful of them. At each one you have an opportunity to sample some of the wines specific to that vineyard. When the tour is over you’ll have sampled many of the wines available from the region.

Details, Details

Planning a tour like this on your own is a daunting task. The task is even harder if it’s your first time visiting the area. With no knowledge of where the vineyards are located, the best routes to take from one to the next, or what types of wine each specializes in you are looking at a mountain of research. Even after doing your research you can’t be sure you’re making the most of your time, or budget. To get the best wine tour you need help.

Find a Tour

If you know some people that live in the region, you can connect with them to get your planning done. Without those connections, you’ll need to look for help elsewhere. California has some companies that specialize in nothing more than organizing wine tours for tourists. Their offerings range from a simple consultation to full multi-day private wine tasting extravaganzas, including limo service. Likewise, their prices range from relatively cheap to extremely expensive.

The best wine tour for you depends on your taste and budget. Truthfully, working with a local company you’re almost guaranteed a great tour. Rest assured they can find a tour to match your experience level and budget.

Designated Driver

The biggest problem with taking yourself on a wine tour lies in the driving. Sampling many varieties of wine and driving a car just don’t mix very well. Whether you go for a full-service wine tour or stick to your own research you should consider some type of limo service.

Most limousine companies in the area, such as Limo 850, offer guidance for wine tours as part of a limo rental. This guidance will often come in cheaper than a dedicated wine tour company because a limousine company sees the guidance as an added perk, not a primary revenue stream.

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