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Can I Bring My Child’s Car Seat on an Airport Shuttle?

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things that you can do with your spare time and money. Learning about new cultures, visiting new places, and having new experiences are just a few of the exciting things that you can do when you travel. Traveling with kids is even better. You get to see the wonder on their face when they get to get on an airplane and see the clouds for the first time. Even going through security can be an interesting new experience for them. And stressful for you. Not only do you have to worry about yourself but now you have a little one to keep track of – not including all their toys, bags, strollers and car seats. A common question when looking at LAX airport transportation and ground transportation in general is: Can I bring my child’s car seat on the shuttle? […]

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Limousine Services Are Perfect For Any Event

When you are hosting an event, you want everything to be perfect. So what do you do to take care of your guest’s transportation needs? Do you suggest they take an Uber or a taxi? What type of experience do you want them to have with you, your event or even your company? There’s something timeless and classic about using a limousine service. Celebrities, politicians and other socialites have been using limo service for years. There is a certain type of class that exudes from being driven to and from your event and location in style. Weddings are an extremely popular option for limousine service and transportation. When is there a bigger day in your life or in the life of your son or daughter where you don’t want them to have to worry about small details on such an important day. Do you really want to worry about where […]

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Tips for the Corporate Traveler

Corporate travelers, who are often on-the-go, have traveling down to a science. Simple considerations and handy items can turn a stuffy, tortuous business trip into a much more comfortable trek away from home. At Limo 805, our corporate clients are often looking for new ways to simplify and lighten the stress of traveling. Here are 5 corporate traveler tips that you can employ for your next business trip: Reserve chauffeured transportation in advance. At Limo 805, we always accept last minute reservations. Our reservation specialists do their best to accommodate your preferences on short notice, but we encourage all of our clients to call in advance to ensure the vehicle you desire is available for your business trip. Turn in that suitcase for a multi-pocketed, folding suit carrier or garment bag. Today’s compact suit carriers and garment bags can fit more than just clothing which allows for convenient packing and […]

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7 Questions for Your Corporate Car Provider

Your corporate car provider is entrusted with the important task of transporting esteemed clients and valued employees, so you must be certain the company you choose provides top quality service for every reservation. To avoid the embarrassing mistake of hiring an unprofessional transportation company, here are 7 questions for your corporate car provider to ensure you’re choosing the right company: What fees are included with the service? Many companies have costly fees which are noted within the contract, but not thoroughly explained to corporate clients. Will you provide transportation reporting? To ensure you receive up-to-date reporting for your company’s transportation expense accounting, your corporate car provider should readily offer this service to all clients. Do you offer an on-time guarantee? Reputable transportation companies will offer their clients an on-time guarantee. If a company does not offer such a guarantee, it’s likely because their drivers frequently arrive late for reservations. Are […]

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