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What the Google Car Means for Luxury Car Rental

In our commitment to stay abreast of the latest news surrounding the transportation industry, Limo 805 is closely following the possible impact of the Google car on luxury car rentals. The Google car is the prototype for an automated vehicle that is driver-less – that’s right! No more human drivers will be needed with this innovative transportation solution. While it is being touted as the safe alternative to the human-controlled vehicles, we wondered what it would mean for luxury car rentals and how it would change the face of Limo 805. It’s not all bad news as there would likely be no need for automobile insurance as car crashes would be non-existent. DUI driving and accident-related injuries and fatalities would also disappear. However, some industries would be negatively impacted the consequences of a massive, sweeping change to today’s transportation, such as body repair shops and fast delivery pizza shops. As […]

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4 Tips for a Great Limo Experience

4 Tips for a Great Limo Experience It may seem like a last-minute, worry-free task to simply call a limo company to reserve a luxury vehicle for your special event. However, without considerations being made as to which company and choice of limo are suitable, you will likely find yourself dissatisfied from the moment your limo drives away from the curb. If you are looking for a great limo service in Thousand Oaks, CA, call to book at Limo 805 today at (805) 443-2233! To ensure you have a great limo experience, here are 4 tips to help you make an informed choice for your luxury transportation needs: Choose a reputable company committed to providing excellent customer service. Limo companies quickly go out of business if its services do not meet the standards of its discerning clientele. For a special occasion, it’s in your best interests to choose a company […]

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