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Limousine Services Are Perfect For Any Event

When you are hosting an event, you want everything to be perfect. So what do you do to take care of your guest’s transportation needs? Do you suggest they take an Uber or a taxi? What type of experience do you want them to have with you, your event or even your company? There’s something timeless and classic about using a limousine service. Celebrities, politicians and other socialites have been using limo service for years. There is a certain type of class that exudes from being driven to and from your event and location in style. Weddings are an extremely popular option for limousine service and transportation. When is there a bigger day in your life or in the life of your son or daughter where you don’t want them to have to worry about small details on such an important day. Do you really want to worry about where […]

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3 Ways Booking a Car Service May Save You Money on Your Vacation!

There are countless expenses associated with taking a vacation. Learning where to cut the costs can lead to a more pleasant experience and decrease the stress of worrying over the final bill. The Limo 805 team has helped clients save money by utilizing our services for their trip transportation. You may be skeptical as to how hiring a luxury transportation company can translate in a more economical trip, but here are 3 ways booking a car service may save you money on your vacation whether you are flying out or in to Burbank or LAX. Arriving on time for your flight can mean the difference between catching your flight or having to pay for your tardiness. If you miss your flight and are lucky enough to wait for hours on stand-by, you may avoid paying for additional tickets, but you could lose the money you’ve invested in your transportation and […]

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Reconsider Your Uber Ride

Armed with the idea to replace the taxi, Uber came up with the idea of enlisting everyday drivers to transport other people around in their personal vehicles. As an Uber driver, you essentially become a taxi driver, except you are using your own car. However, let’s consider it in reverse – when you use the Uber app to find a ride, you are getting into the vehicle with a stranger, who has no professional training. While Uber conducts background checks of its drivers, would you trust a background check to tell you everything you need you know about someone who has your safety and comfort in their hands? There is a great deal more to becoming to a professional driver with Limo 805 than being an Uber driver and for good cause. Before you trust your well-being to an Uber driver, here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider your […]

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10 Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur

Too many business travelers make the mistake of renting a vehicle for their business trips only to waste valuable time commuting, when corporate limo service is as affordable as a car rental and much more convenient than driving from place to place. At Limo 805, we strive to save you time during your business trips, so you can focus on what is important – business. If you still aren’t convinced that professional transportation services are the way to go, here are 10 reasons to hire a chauffeur for your next business trip to or from Los Angeles: Car rentals are not cheap. If you have to rent a vehicle at the last minute, a car rental can cost you or your company a big hunk of change as you may be forced to take whatever is available from an overpriced rental company whereas corporate limo services from a reputable company, […]

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