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Wedding Etiquette for Limo Rentals

Getting a limousine for a wedding is a timeless plan. There are few ideas more generally accepted than there being a limo for the bride and groom at the wedding. In many cases, especially when the wedding and reception are in separate locations, the entire wedding party will get the limousine treatment. Most of us don’t ride in a limousine every day. We might be lucky enough to have ridden in one for some special occasions, but maybe this wedding is the first time. Maybe we’re worried about who should pay and tip the driver, or how to act inside the limousine itself. Who Pays for the Limo? The morning of the wedding a limousine is waiting to take the bride to the ceremony. Who pays for it? What about the limo taking the bridal from the park where pictures were taken to the ceremony? The one traveling with the […]

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