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Is a Wine Tour Worth the Money?

It can be hard to justify the cost of some services in the Internet age. Why pay a travel agent when a simple web search can yield 10 different prices for flights? Why pay for a handyman when an instructional video on-line shows you exactly how to replace a toilet? Some people even wonder whether it’s worth it to pay for tour guides when so much information about places is available through web searches. There is a cost difference in paying for a wine tour versus creating your own custom wine tour. Many people look at this as an opportunity to save some money. In truth, it might be worth double-checking what you’re missing out on while saving that money. Designated Driver The most basic thing to remember in a DIY wine tour is that someone must be the designated driver. This person will not be tasting wines with the […]

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Finding The Best LA Wine Tour

A trip to Los Angeles without stopping by a vineyard is like a trip to Denver without visiting a brewery. It just seems like something is missing. Thousand Oaks, CA is part of Simi Valley, home to many excellent vineyards. A wine tour takes this a step further. Instead of just visiting a single you visit a handful of them. At each one you have an opportunity to sample some of the wines specific to that vineyard. When the tour is over you’ll have sampled many of the wines available from the region. Details, Details Planning a tour like this on your own is a daunting task. The task is even harder if it’s your first time visiting the area. With no knowledge of where the vineyards are located, the best routes to take from one to the next, or what types of wine each specializes in you are looking […]

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The Best Wine Tours in LA for Couples this Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking for something that’s fun and memorable this Valentine’s Day, try something a little different. There are more wine tours in the Los Angeles area than you would think, if you just know where to look. The best part about these locations is that they are easy to get to and from because of their central locations. Hidden Malibu Wine Country Tours takes you on a day trips to some of the most beautiful canyons and vineyards. With other 50 different independent vineyards, Hidden Malibu Wine Country Tours will show you beautiful wineries such as Rosenthal, Semler, and Cielo. Many trips also include a visit to Cornell Winery which is across from the famous Strauss Ranch. At the ranch you can taste and buy a good variety of Malibu wines, tour their art gallery or shop their antiques. Spend some time over at the San Antonio Winery […]

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Plan Your Limo Wine Tour this Spring!

As the spring brings the return of warm sunshine and favorable weather, it’s a perfect time to plan a wine tour for you and your friends. Very few moments in life are as picturesque and memorable as a trip visiting wineries and walking through vineyards with friends. Great wine, amazing food and even better company combine to create a wine tour that is cherished by all. Yet, there’s a quick way to take the fun out of the excursion – having to drive. At Limo 805, our chauffeurs often have the pleasure of transporting a lively party of guests from one winery to another. Before you decide to drive yourself and friends to the wine country, review these 3 reasons why you should plan your limo wine tour this spring with Limo 805: You always have a designated driver. Even with wine tasting, you can easily cross the line from […]

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5 Best Places for Wine Tasting in Ventura County

Wine Tasting in Ventura County Planning a wine tasting tour in Ventura County for you and your guests or you and your sweetheart can pose a problem for one unfortunate individual who must give up partaking in this remarkable experience in order to be the designated driver. With chauffeured transportation from Limo 805, everyone in your party can enjoy this extraordinary adventure equally. However, before you begin mapping out which wineries to visit, Limo 805 would like to offer you the 5 best places to visit on your trip. After all, we are quite familiar with the area as we have chauffeured many groups and couples for their wine tasting in Ventura County. 5 Best Places for Wine Tasting in Ventura County Four Brix Winery and Tasting Room: The highly rated Four Brix Winery is a must for your wine tasting trip with their notable whites and seductive reds. Ventura […]

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Limousine Wine Tours Thousand Oaks

California is home to some of the most well known vineyards and wineries in the world. In fact, California has some of the best vintages as well as award-winning wines worldwide. Limousine wine tours are one of the best ways to sample the wide array of wines available throughout Thousand Oaks and the surrounding communities. Looking for a wine tour limo service in Ventura County? Limo 805 offers great options for great experiences. Call to book today at (805) 443-2233. In the area of Thousand Oaks, there are more than 70 wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms for you and your friends to enjoy, but choosing a designated driver can mean leaving a friend out of the fun. Limousine wine tours with Limo 805 are a great solution; this way you are ensuring that you and your guests will not only stay safe while enjoying the finest wines in town, but […]

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