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The Four Things Every Bachelor Party Needs

It happened. Your best friend is getting married and wants you to throw a bachelor party. The problem is, you’ve never done anything quite like this before. Searching on-line for ideas, the results are endless. There are too many ideas and chances are none of them are quite right.

When it comes down to it, there are just four things that will ensure a successful bachelor party. Not specific things, like a bowl of only red M&M’s or something, but things that can be fit to every person getting a bachelor party planned for them.

Friends to the End

The guest list is the first important decision. Some bachelors will have a list already, others may only have ideas. The guests should be people the bachelor cares about, and that all get along. Having people fight at the party does nobody any good. The list should also be small. This part is about the bachelor’s best friends hanging out with him one more time before he has to run all his excursions past his new spouse. Schedule a separate party with a larger group if the situation calls for it.

Activities to Remember

The days of every bachelor’s party consisting of a drinking run through the strip club are gone. Some bachelors expect to make a stop, so go ahead and plan it. Don’t focus on it though. This group should be spending time doing something together the bachelor loves. This could be a weekend hunting trip, a night at the ski slopes, a week-long offshore fishing excursion. Let the groups budget and the bachelor’s likes guide the activities, and make them something to remember and share after the fact.

A Meal Together

This party is about bonding, reminiscing, planning for the future, and being together. There is no better way for a group to bond than to take in a meal together. There should be at least one meal focused on time to hang out and chat.


The best party in the world can be easily ruined if someone gets lost between stops. Traveling in more than one car means a chance of getting separated. It also encourages people getting in cliques, and fighting over time with the bachelor.

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