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Is It Important for a Limo Company to Be Insured?

When you trust a limo company and its driver to transport you to your destination, you are putting your safety in their hands. Due to the serious injuries that passengers can sustain during a car accident, the State of California requires that transportation companies be insured in the event an unfortunate accident or incident occurs. The exact amount of insurance that must be carried is related to the number of passengers the vehicle can accommodate ensuring that every passenger is fully covered. If a limo company is not properly insured and an accident occurs, the cost of the passengers’ injuries will not be covered and the medical bills will be the responsibility of the passengers.

Before scheduling a reservation with a limo company, visit the company’s headquarters and ask to see proof of insurance for the vehicle you would like to reserve. To be completely certain the vehicle you are reserving is the same vehicle listed on the insurance policy, you can match up the numbers listed on the CPUC sticker located on the vehicle with what is noted on the insurance document. If a company is not insured, it is unlikely that their drivers’ backgrounds have been rigorously checked for records of unsafe driving, drug testing has been conducted or the drivers hold current commercial driver’s licenses.

At Limo 805 in Ventura County, we are happy to share proof of insurance for our clients’ peace of mind. Our company is fully licensed, consistently compliant with state insurance regulations and registered with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). In line with our commitment to client safety, we routinely run the licenses of our drivers to check current status, conduct thorough background checks and require mandatory drug testing.

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