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How Much Should You Tip a Limo Driver?

Tipping a Limo Driver | Los Angeles Limo ServiceWondering what that tipping etiquette is for Limo drivers? We know tipping can be an uncomfortable thing, but here are the industry trends.

Like many other professionals in service-related industries, tipping a limo driver can be a common practice. Knowing how much to tip can be confusing, especially if you do not frequently travel by limousine. To assist you with this process, here are 4 guidelines from Limo 805 in Thousand Oaks, CA that can help you calculate a fair amount to tip at the conclusion of your reservation.

  1. Calculate 20% of the rental cost. In today’s market, starting at 20% of the total bill for a tip amount is considered fair for services that met your expectations.
  2. Add more if the service exceeded your expectations. Once you have calculated the 20% tip, you can add more money if the driver went beyond the duties of a typical limo drive, such as arrived earlier than the scheduled reservation time. Additionally, if your party left quite a mess behind, it’s polite to give a bigger tip for the inconvenience.
  3. Subtract from the 20% tip amount if the driver failed to meet your expectations. If your driver arrived late, was impolite or the vehicle was unpresentable, subtracting monies from the tip would be customary.
  4. If you are splitting the tip with other passengers, it’s easier if everyone agrees to the same tip. Splitting a tip can be difficult and often results in a driver being under-tipped or over-tipped. Do not wait until the last minute to discuss the tip. If possible, it’s best to have everyone match their tips. If there is disagreement about the tip amount, you can simply calculate your share of the bill, take 20% from the total and then base your final tip on your opinion of the driver’s service.  

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