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Plan Your Limo Wine Tour this Spring!

Wine_TourAs the spring brings the return of warm sunshine and favorable weather, it’s a perfect time to plan a wine tour for you and your friends. Very few moments in life are as picturesque and memorable as a trip visiting wineries and walking through vineyards with friends. Great wine, amazing food and even better company combine to create a wine tour that is cherished by all. Yet, there’s a quick way to take the fun out of the excursion – having to drive. At Limo 805, our chauffeurs often have the pleasure of transporting a lively party of guests from one winery to another.

Before you decide to drive yourself and friends to the wine country, review these 3 reasons why you should plan your limo wine tour this spring with Limo 805:

  1. You always have a designated driver. Even with wine tasting, you can easily cross the line from safe driving to drunk driving. Having a professional driver on-hand to chauffeur you and your friends ensures everyone’s safety.
  2. Traveling in the lap of luxury adds to the enjoyment of the wine tour. Being relegated to drive from one winery to another can be stuffy and cumbersome. A Limo 805 vehicle will be spacious and stocked with all of the amenities you expect from a modern limousine.
  3. Your chauffeur can help you plan your wine tour. If you haven’t been on a wine tour before or would like to try new places, you may be uncertain as to which wineries are at the top of the list and where to find delicious cuisine when it’s time to sit for a meal. Your Limo 805 chauffeur can assist you with planning a delightful and fantastic itinerary.

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Limo 805 delivers exceptional service and lavish transportation accommodations for all of our client’s events and outings. If you have a small party of 3 or a crowd of 20, Limo 805 is eager to provide your luxury transportation needs. Plan your limo wine tour this spring with Limo 805 by calling (805) 443-2233!

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