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Reconsider Your Uber Ride

Town Car Rental | Ventura CountyArmed with the idea to replace the taxi, Uber came up with the idea of enlisting everyday drivers to transport other people around in their personal vehicles. As an Uber driver, you essentially become a taxi driver, except you are using your own car. However, let’s consider it in reverse – when you use the Uber app to find a ride, you are getting into the vehicle with a stranger, who has no professional training. While Uber conducts background checks of its drivers, would you trust a background check to tell you everything you need you know about someone who has your safety and comfort in their hands? There is a great deal more to becoming to a professional driver with Limo 805 than being an Uber driver and for good cause.

Before you trust your well-being to an Uber driver, here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider your Uber ride:

  1. If you are driving in a regular person’s vehicle, you are subjected to their behavior, because after all it’s their car. From talking on the cell phone to aggressive driving, you can never be sure what to expect when you jump in an Uber ride. Conversely, professional drivers, such as chauffeurs, are extensively trained in both their driving skills and professional etiquette. Chauffeurs learn how to drive in a safe and cautious manner, undergo frequent evaluations by their employers, and trained to be professional and courteous at all times.
  2. The condition of an Uber vehicle cannot be assured. Another person’s personal vehicle may be dented, muddy, dirty, and/or in need of mechanical repair. Worse yet, it may have an odd smell which you can’t quite place. Limo 805 offers a meticulously maintained fleet. Regardless of which Limo 805 vehicle you choose, you will ride in luxury.  
  3. Uber is under investigation for various alleged actions, which include operating illegally and for injuries sustained by victims of Uber drivers. Ride share companies, like Uber, often fail to take responsibility for their drivers’ actions, because they hide behind the veil of the driver not “really” being an employee and the driver’s vehicle not “actually” being a company vehicle. You must to be able to trust a transportation company to stand behind their drivers and fleet before stepping into a vehicle.

Town Car Transportation in Ventura County

Since 2002, Limo 805 has been an upscale, reliable town car transportation company serving Ventura, Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles, CA.  With over a decade in operation, you can trust our chauffeurs and vehicles to transport you in style. If you are flying into LAX for a business meeting or planning a limo wine tour with friends, contact one of our friendly reservation specialists today by calling (805) 443-2233.

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