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Save Time and Sanity with These 6 Airport Parking Tips

Traveling can be exciting- visiting new places, getting to see new things- but the actual “getting there” part can be a real hassle. One of the biggest travel headaches can come from trying to find suitable parking at the airport. In order to avoid the stress of seeing the dreaded “LOT FULL” sign when you’re already running late for a flight, follow these tips and you’ll be parking like a pro.

  1. Pre-Plan with Pre-Pay– Many major airports are surrounded by private off-site parking lots which allow you to book your spot in advance. By pre-paying online, you will guarantee a spot for the time you need, and will be taken directly to the airport via shuttle. Simple!
  2. Package it Up– Many hotels near the airport offer parking packages that gets you free parking and an airport shuttle if you book a room for a night. Since the cost of booking the room can often be cheaper than an entire week of airport parking lot fees, it may be worth looking into!
  3. Plan Ahead– In order to avoid a stressful, parking-related time crunch, it’s best to plan ahead and think about when you need to leave in order to be at the airport on time. Make sure to take into account total travel time (planning for traffic), estimated time you will spend parking and unloading your vehicle, any shuttle rides you may have to take, and the recommended two-hour period between arriving at the airport and boarding your flight.
  4. Beware, Thieves!- While your car is parked in the lot for the duration of your trip, make sure to take precautions to avoid theft and vandalism. Park in a well-lit area with security whenever possible, and make sure to leave nothing of interest or value in the thieves’ line of vision. Lock up any valuables in the glove compartment (or better yet, leave them home) and make absolutely certain you locked your doors.
  5. Don’t Lose Your Ticket- Make sure to put the ticket for the airport parking lot somewhere safe and secure when you first receive it, so you don’t accidentally lose it on your trip. Losing your ticket could cause you to pay a ridiculously high fee to get your car out of the lot upon your return.
  6. Write Down Your Parking Location– Make sure to make a note of exactly where in the lot you have left your car. Include the terminal name, the floor number, and the lot section so you know just where to find it when you get back.

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