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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Airport Shuttles

Of all the airport transportation services, out there the airport shuttle seems like the best bet at first glance. A shared shuttle cuts down on per rider costs, and they’re available 24/7. Starting to think a little more critically about it, that shared service is part of the downsides of airport shuttles.

Shared Cost, Shared Ride

The concept of the airport shuttle is a shared ride with the total cost split between riders. That means you’re essentially calling a group taxi with no idea who is in the group, or where they are. The shuttle will pick you up, either before or after some other people. Hopefully everybody’s luggage fits. Also, hopefully everyone has cleaned up for the trip. While there may be a small money savings here, the soft costs of sharing the ride to the airport may outweigh the monetary savings.

All the Comforts of Mass Transit

Airport shuttles are generally bare-bones 15 passenger vans that get a lot of use. While they might be more comfortable than riding a city bus, they very well may not be. Beyond the seating is the vehicle itself. Just like paying an extra $10 for an exit row on the plane makes sense, paying a little more to get a comfortable ride to and from the airport makes sense.

Impersonal Service

Most airport shuttle drivers are independent contractors. Their business and reputation ride on the airport shuttle brand, not their own. Their income rides on reporting the riders they gave rides to back to the service, not collecting fares. As such their primary customer is the airport shuttle service, leaving the people riding as secondary customers at best. Sometimes paying a little extra for that personal touch can make the end of a long trip so much more enjoyable.

If you’re flying in or out of LA or Burbank why not opt for something a little nicer than an airport shuttle? A limo or town car is much more comfortable, personal, and not as expensive as you may think. Call Limo 805 at 805-443-2233 today to get a quote for your trip.

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