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Tips for the Corporate Traveler

Business Travel Tips | Limo 805 | 805-443-2233 | Los Angeles Corporate travelers, who are often on-the-go, have traveling down to a science. Simple considerations and handy items can turn a stuffy, tortuous business trip into a much more comfortable trek away from home. At Limo 805, our corporate clients are often looking for new ways to simplify and lighten the stress of traveling.

Here are 5 corporate traveler tips that you can employ for your next business trip:

    1. Reserve chauffeured transportation in advance. At Limo 805, we always accept last minute reservations. Our reservation specialists do their best to accommodate your preferences on short notice, but we encourage all of our clients to call in advance to ensure the vehicle you desire is available for your business trip.
    2. Turn in that suitcase for a multi-pocketed, folding suit carrier or garment bag. Today’s compact suit carriers and garment bags can fit more than just clothing which allows for convenient packing and flexibility. Also, this type of luggage is foldable so you can carry it onto the plane or train with you.
    3. When you are packing, think about what you need and what you might want. While luggage space is understandably limited, try to find room for that favorite candle, book and book light, and comfy pajamas for unwinding after a long day of traveling and work.
    4. Keep an emergency phone charger in your luggage at all times. Invariably, you will forget your charger on one of your business trips, so it’s wise to always have a spare in your business gear that’s used only in emergencies.
    5. Download helpful apps on your phone. When you choose Limo 805 for your transportation, you can forgo a navigation app to get you from the airport to your hotel. However, you should consider downloading apps that make your trip easier by providing you with helpful information, such as flight updates, weather notifications, and maps for finding local eateries, stores, and medical centers.




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While you may have your own standard routine for streamlining your corporate travels, one tip is undeniable – arranging for chauffeured transportation makes life much easier. Since 2002, Limo 805 has been delivering exceptional corporate and luxury transportation services to a wide range of clients. If you travel to the LA area for business, speak with one of Limo 805’s reservation specialists today by calling 805-443-2233!

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