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Is a Wine Tour Worth the Money?

It can be hard to justify the cost of some services in the Internet age. Why pay a travel agent when a simple web search can yield 10 different prices for flights? Why pay for a handyman when an instructional video on-line shows you exactly how to replace a toilet? Some people even wonder whether it’s worth it to pay for tour guides when so much information about places is available through web searches.

There is a cost difference in paying for a wine tour versus creating your own custom wine tour. Many people look at this as an opportunity to save some money. In truth, it might be worth double-checking what you’re missing out on while saving that money.

Designated Driver

The most basic thing to remember in a DIY wine tour is that someone must be the designated driver. This person will not be tasting wines with the rest of the group. They may be tempted to take “just a sip.” Thing is, that sip ten times over at four wineries adds up to a lot more than a mouthful. If the designated driver has any lapse in their self-control then the financial costs of a DUI should be enough to suggest a wine tour instead of a self-guided tour.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Internet research can only get you so far. Companies that put on wine tours choose the wineries carefully. They want to give their guests a wide range of experiences and part of how they do that is the wineries they choose. When someone sets up their own wine tour they are naturally more likely to stick with what they know, skipping new experiences that may be had while on a wine tour.

A Guide Knows More Than You

Just going from one winery to another tasting wine is OK. Hearing about the history of the wineries and local being driven through is something entirely different. Not only will the wine tour guide have a wealth of information to share on the tour, they likely know the people working the wineries and often get you more than a simple tasting room visit.

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