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Why The World Would End Without Airport Transportation

It’s a nice day. You’ve just finished your flight, picked up your luggage from the baggage claim and walked your way up and out to ground transportation. Now you’re on your way to your meeting in your LAX airport transportation in nice, air conditioned comfort. Your bags are taken care of. The traffic is taken care of. You don’t have to find the hotel you’re staying at. Everything is perfect.

But how would it be if we didn’t have LAX airport transportation?

I can see it now. You pick up your bag from baggage claim and schlep it over to the car rental counter. After you wait in line for 20 minutes, you find out that they don’t have the luxury size vehicle that they promised you – but they offer you a teeny tiny car you’ve never heard of. So you take it. You have to. The rental car agent is pretty insistent that’s the last vehicle left to rent at the LAX airport.

You drag your bag on to the bus – because the airport is so big they’d never be able to store all the cars there. Another 20 minutes later and you’re trying to cram your bag into the trunk of the sardine can you’ve rented. Then you pull out the best map the rental car agency has to offer. A black and white sheet with more streets and freeways than you can read. You need glasses to read it and you don’t even own glasses! You put the map away and decide to just use your phone instead. Isn’t that what Google Maps is for? Except it’s dead…

You can see where this is going. All the hassles and problems that you avoid when you order and arrange LAX airport transportation. There’s so much to NOT worry about. No driving, no traffic, no looking for luggage space where there isn’t any to be found. No getting lost or worrying about driving through a bad neighborhood. Take some stress out of your trip and reserve your luxury airport transportation in advance. You’ll thank yourself later. Give Limo 805 a call the next time you’re in need of LAX Airport Transportation!

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