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Birthday Parties

Generally when a group of friends goes out for one of their birthdays, someone has to take on the responsibility of being the designated driver. That person then has to watch all their friends drink and have a good time while they sip on water all night. Avoid leaving one of your friends out of the fun, while also getting chauffeured around in style by renting a limo for the celebration. Limo 805 offers a wide range of options, and can provide you with a quote. Visit us online to make a reservation here.

Choosing a Limousine Rental for Birthday Parties

When it is your birthday, you want to be the center of attention the entire night. How better to do this then by being driven to different bars, restaurants, and clubs in a limo. People will definitely notice that it is a special event when you pile out of a sleek limousine ready to have some fun.

When choosing a limo from Limo 805 you can ensure you are getting the best limousine service in Ventura County. We offer:

  • Safe and reliable transportation – All of our drivers complete a drug test as well as an extensive background check to make sure they will be reliable and safe when transporting you to each location. They are familiar with the area so you can count on timely arrival to any location without worrying about getting lost.
  • Luxurious interiors – Why pause the party when traveling from one place to another? Our limousines feature comfortable leather seats, TV’s, and complementary champagne so you can continue the party even on your way to another location.
  • Professional drivers – We are always on time and ensure that you arrive at your destination on time as well. Our drivers our friendly and courteous giving you the most professional experience possible.
  • Great Selection – We can accommodate any size group with larger rentals for bigger groups and smaller town cars and SUVs for a smaller groups. All of our vehicles are clean and well maintained so you are comfortable and stress free on your way to each event.


Transportation Experts

Ventura County | Birthday Party Limo Rental | (805) 443-2233When planning your birthday party, don’t let a friend be left out of the fun. Your whole party can travel safely together whether you are bar hopping or just going to a single club. We have several years’ experience in reliable and luxurious transportation that will make you feel special on your birthday. Make it a night you will never forget with a Limousine rental from Limo805. If you have any questions about our vehicles, drivers, or prices, please feel free to contact us today at (805) 443-2233!

*We also offer transportation to LAX & BUR airports.