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10 Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur

Town Car | Ventura County | 805-443-2233Too many business travelers make the mistake of renting a vehicle for their business trips only to waste valuable time commuting, when corporate limo service is as affordable as a car rental and much more convenient than driving from place to place. At Limo 805, we strive to save you time during your business trips, so you can focus on what is important – business. If you still aren’t convinced that professional transportation services are the way to go, here are 10 reasons to hire a chauffeur for your next business trip to or from Los Angeles:

  1. Car rentals are not cheap. If you have to rent a vehicle at the last minute, a car rental can cost you or your company a big hunk of change as you may be forced to take whatever is available from an overpriced rental company whereas corporate limo services from a reputable company, like Limo 805, are quite reasonable and cost-effective.  
  2. Where is the car rental counter?! Searching aimlessly for the car rental counter can significantly postpone your arrival time at your destination.
  3. Time is wasted standing at car rental counters. Whether it’s waiting in line, processing your credit card or signing a 10 page contract, you can spend up to 45 minutes at a car rental counter.
  4. How do I get out of this airport? Simply driving off the airport property can be a test in patience and ingenuity.
  5. Traffic enough said. Driving in LA can be a nightmare. Every Limo 805 chauffeur knows the ways around time-consuming traffic pile-ups at any given time during the day or night.
  6. I can’t make a left here! Getting lost in an unfamiliar city can be stressful and time-consuming as GPS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you need it most.
  7. Parking can be an impossible feat. Congested metro areas, like LA, can present a problem in finding parking. Once you find a spot, you may be forced to walk a long distance and risk looking disheveled when you finally arrive for your meeting.
  8. Rental cars have been known to break down. Don’t think you will spared from the infamous “clunker rental car” that has plagued many business travelers.
  9. Your business guests will not thank you for the transportation accommodations nor be impressed with your driving skills. Hire a Limo 805 chauffeur to transport your business clients.
  10. Give yourself peace of mind. Business traveling is for business, not for stressing yourself with the troubles of a car rental.

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Superior corporate limo service to and from the LA area is only a reservation away. Since 2002, Limo 805 has been providing business clients with professional chauffeured stately vehicles. Contact Limo 805 today by calling 805-443-2233 and inquire about our town car and corporate limo services.

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