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3 Ways Booking a Car Service May Save You Money on Your Vacation!

Town Car Service | Limo 805 | Ventura CountyThere are countless expenses associated with taking a vacation. Learning where to cut the costs can lead to a more pleasant experience and decrease the stress of worrying over the final bill. The Limo 805 team has helped clients save money by utilizing our services for their trip transportation. You may be skeptical as to how hiring a luxury transportation company can translate in a more economical trip, but here are 3 ways booking a car service may save you money on your vacation whether you are flying out or in to Burbank or LAX.

  1. Arriving on time for your flight can mean the difference between catching your flight or having to pay for your tardiness. If you miss your flight and are lucky enough to wait for hours on stand-by, you may avoid paying for additional tickets, but you could lose the money you’ve invested in your transportation and accommodations at your destination.
  2. Parking at the airport is pricey and risky. Many drivers do not realize the high cost of long-term parking at the airport or recognize that their car can be easily damaged while parked.
  3. A long flight can leave you feeling groggy when it’s time to get behind the wheel. After a relaxing vacation and a long flight, driving your vehicle home from the airport isn’t ideal or safe. The cost of an accident far exceeds the expense of booking a car service for the ride home.  

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Before you scoff at the idea of booking Limo 805 for your vacation transportation, carefully weigh the benefits of effortless and town car  transportation to the downfalls of driving your own vehicle and leaving it parked at the airport. Since 2002, Limo 805 has saved clients from vacation stress by providing cost-efficient, luxury transportation services with a smile. To learn more about our airport rates, contact the Limo 805 reservation specialists today by calling (805) 443-2233!

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