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5 Easy Tips to Make your Wedding Day Stress Free

It’s coming up! Your wedding day is almost here! But what can you do to make it as perfect as possible. First you’ll have to show up! Here’s a few tips on what you can do (in advance) to have a perfect day.

#1 First you’ll want to control every possible detail. Turn off the rain, turn on the sun and make sure that little flower girl doesn’t suddenly get stage fright. Sound realistic? It’s probably not. You really can’t control everything, and that’s okay. But you can do your best to prepare in advance.

#2 Take the time to hire the right staff for your event. What? You’re not planning to do hire anyone? Even if you take the time to plan all the details for the wedding yourself, you’re going to need some additional help to get things done. You can’t set up, pick up the food from the caterer, pick up the flowers, take selfies, set up tables and chairs, serve cake in your wedding dress – oops – we forget to mention get ready, get married and enjoy the day. You need to delegate at least the biggest stuff to someone else, and it really should be your close friends or family. You want them to be able to enjoy the day with you don’t you? If you don’t want or can’t afford full time help, you can look for someone to help with the day of. These planners are available for a reasonable fee and have the experience for your day-of help that you need.

#3 Take transportation off your list. There’s nothing more glamorous then being picked up in a limo on your wedding day. You’ll feel so special when you arrive at the salon to get your hair done, the church or wedding venue. Not to mention the great photos when you leave the reception with your new spouse on your way to your honeymoon. You won’t have to worry about parking, traffic, speeding or having room for all those extra items that a wedding involves.

#4 Keep your schedule light the day of the wedding. If you are having your hair colored, do it the week before. Take the time to actually enjoy the day. If you are rushing around from place to place, the day will be over and you won’t have been able to enjoy it as fully.

#5 Take some time alone with your new spouse after the wedding at the reception. Even five or ten minutes alone together will help you enjoy the day and create some incredible memories for years to come.

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