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5 Fun Bachelorette Limo Games

Planning your bestie’s bachelorette party? Make the evening memorable from start to finish with some of these hilarious games that you can play right in the limo!

Scavenger Hunt– A tried-and-true bachelorette party favorite, the scavenger hunt sends the bride-to-be and her friends out on the town in search of almost-always embarrassing items to collect. For a fun twist on a classic, have the ladies play from within the comfort of the limousine by rolling down the tinted windows at red lights to interact with fellow motorists and collect breath mints, phone numbers and kisses to your hearts’ content!

The Nearly-Wed Game– A week before the bachelorette party, email the groom a list of questions about himself (favorite food, where the couple met, etc.) and quiz the bride-to-be on his answers while you’re riding in the limo. Feel free to make the questions as risqué as you like- after all, they don’t call her the “blushing bride” for nothing! For an extra-fun twist, make the bride-to-be take a shot for every question she gets wrong.

Never Have I Ever– You all know the rules to this one: a brave soul gets the game going by declaring, “Never have I ever_______” (gone streaking, kissed another girl, etc.) and then everyone who HAS done the thing she said has to take a drink. Not only is this a great ice-breaker for any party guests who may not know each other well, but it’s a fun way to get pumped up for the big night out on the go!

Car-aoke Nite– Crank up the tunes and warm up those pipes- it’s time to sing!! Who says you need a karaoke bar to embarrass yourself by singing in front of complete strangers? Red lights and rolled-down limo windows make for an excellent mobile karaoke unit on the way to the next bar you’re hitting. For added fun, stock the limo with props (fun wigs, wacky sunglasses, blow-up musical instruments) to really hit those high notes!

Kiss, Kill Marry– This one requires a little advance planning, as you will need index cards with the name (or better yet, picture) of celebrities. The bride-to-be and the rest of the guests will take turns drawing three cards at random, then designating “kiss,” “kill” or “marry” to each one. For extra fun, have some Sharpies and crepe paper streamers at the ready to make sashes with “Mrs. (Celebrity Name)” on each one so the ladies can advertise their imaginary celebrity husband all evening long!

Limo 805 is here to help you crank up the fun level and enjoy your L.A.- area bachelorette party responsibly. We can take you out on the town in style, in Ventura County and beyond! Call today to book us for your next event!

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