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7 Hacks for the Business Traveler

Airport Transportation Service | Ventura County | Limo 805 | Business Travel HacksTraveling like a pro for business requires preparation and knowing a few tricks that leisure travelers don’t know. At Limo 805, we understand that when it comes to airport transportation, time is valuable for business travelers, which is why we offer these 7 hacks for the business traveler to save you time and help you get the extra perks available to a smart business traveler:

  1. Pack smart. To avoid set-in wrinkles, roll your clothes (and ties) from top to bottom. It will save you from the stress of having to utilize the hotel’s dry cleaning services.
  2. Call ahead for professional transportation services. As soon as you are aware that you will be travelling for business, call a reliable, highly-rated transportation company, such a Limo 805, to chauffeur you to your destination in the vehicle you require. While Limo 805 gladly accepts last minute reservations, it’s always wise to reserve early. Additionally, choosing Limo 805 will ensure your chauffeur is waiting for you regardless of any changes in flight arrival time, whereas other companies will require you assume the responsibility of checking flight schedules and arranging for an adjustment in pickup time.
  3. Purchase a TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry membership. Time is money in business, so spend a little to get through security fast. Don’t want to buy a TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry membership? Follow other business travelers through the security lines as they know the drill of speedy item removal and bin packing.
  4. Don’t have more than one drink. Flying may not be your favorite way to travel, but resist the urge to take the edge off with multiple drinks or you’ll arrive at your business meeting or training seminar feeling and looking awful.
  5. Travel relaxed. Whether it’s waiting for a flight or sitting in the limo, relax.  Feeling hurried and working right up until you arrive at your business appointment will leave you exhausted and less able to meet the challenges ahead.
  6. Ask for an upgrade when you check into your hotel. The savvy business traveler knows that weekdays are typically a slow time for hotels and you need but ask what rooms are available during check-in to try for a room upgrade.
  7. Combat jet lag by staying awake. If you arrive in a different time zone during the day, but your internal clock is set for sleep, wait until the sun goes down before you rest. Taking a nap soon after you arrive will have you waking up at night and ill-prepared for the next day’s business.

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