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The Best Bachelorette Party Games Your Group Needs to Play

When your friend is getting married it’s always best to show her as good of a time as possible. Whether you’re the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or even a friend along for the ride having some ideas for party games at the bachelorette party is essential. From groups that use a bachelorette party limo to groups staying in at a bridesmaid’s house there are games for every type of bride. A little planning can make having some simple games ready for those down moments in the party fun, not forced.

Get The Groom Involved

Get together with the groom ahead of time and come up with some sentences about the bride. They should be personal to him, such as “I love it when she ______ before we _____.” Set expectations with the groom based on who will be at the party, no “R” answers at a “PG” party! When there’s a short lull in the party, or while going from one destination to the next in the limo, pull out paper and pens for everyone. At the end you can give the winner a prize, or the loser may need to take a drink!

A Guessing Game Worth Playing

If you’ll spend a little time at a hotel room or in someone’s house at some point throughout the night then a lingerie guessing game is where it’s at. Have each person bring a gift of some type of lingerie. They should all be in some way personal to the relationship between the bride and the person providing it. The goal for the bride is to properly guess who gave her what. If she misses, she takes a shot. If she gets it right, the person giving it takes a shot.

Scavenger Hunts

If there’s been a shower that covered most of the game you can think of then step outside the room and come up with a scavenger hunt. Most showers are stationary, while bachelorette parties are often mobile, traveling around town in a limo! The scavenger hunt is easy to tailor to the bride’s personality and can range from G to X as is appropriate. As a bonus, some of the items could be the shots that would otherwise come from games!

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