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How to Decorate Your Wedding Day Limo

Wedding Day Limo Rental in Venutra County | Limo 805 | 805-443-2233Wedding season is in full swing, and couples all over Los Angeles are getting ready to tie the knot. As those last final touches come together, it’s important not to overlook one last detail: the limo. Couples want to arrive in style, and there’s no better way to do that than to decorate your limo. Here are some tips on how to add a little flair to your wedding day ride.

Hood Bouquet

The bride and all of her bridesmaids have bouquets. Why not make a special one for the limo? Hood-mounted flower bouquets will make heads turn and add a personalized touch to your limo. Keep it simple with a v-shaped bouquet that spans the entire front hood of the limo, or go for something a little more romantic like a heart-shaped bouquet.

Dress Up the Door Handles

If a big hood bouquet is too dramatic for your taste, dress up your limo’s door handles instead. Simply attach smaller, colorful bouquets to each handle to instantly add a touch of class. The colors of the flowers and ribbon should match your wedding’s theme, or you can stick with a simple, elegant white color. Make sure that the bouquets are tied tightly to the handles and keep the arrangements small. This will ensure that they can withstand the drive.

Add Signage

Let everyone in town know that you just tied the knot. Adding a “Just Married” sign to the back of the limo is a classic choice. Choose a customized sign that shows off your personality. Be as creative and personal as you want. Once the night is over, you can take the sign home as a special keepsake.

Keep it Simple

Decorations are great, but try to keep things simple. Elaborate signage or dangling flowers off the back of the limo may need to be removed shortly after you make your exit from the ceremony for safety reasons. A classic bouquet or ribbon can normally be left on the vehicle.

Before you create an elaborate decorative plan for your limo, be sure to get in touch with your limo service first to discuss your ideas. Some contracts have special rules and stipulations in place that may or may not prohibit decorations.

Wedding Limo Rental in Ventura County

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