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Prom Etiquette – Who Pays for the Limo?

It’s  just about springtime! And you know what that means! It’s time to get ready and start planning for the biggest social event of the year – the PROM! You’ve got to find the perfect dress, the perfect dinner, the perfect flowers and the perfect accessories. But what about the perfect ride? Have you thought about getting a prom limo rental? What better way could there be than to arrive in style?

But in this crazy day and age, there’s a couple of questions. Who is the one to pay for the limo? Emily Post wasn’t around to ask so we took it to a few people to find out what they think:

“The person that does the asking is usually the one that pays for dinner, tickets to the dance and the limo. You each need to buy the other person flowers so that’s an expense for both people.” – Jen

“If you want to go as friends or as a big group of people, it’s fine to have everyone pitch in to pay for the limo and the activity. Sometimes you just want to go to the dance and not be left out. You don’t have to pay for everything.” – Abbie

“I don’t mind splitting some of the more expensive things like pictures or a limo. If we decide as a couple or as a group that it’s something we want to do, but not everyone can afford, we’ll pitch in and see what we can pay and then if it’s enough, we’ll do it.” – Marcie

“The guy is asking you to the dance, so he should pay for the prom limo.” – Kendra

“What if your school is girl’s choice? You can’t say that the guy has to ask and pay then. You can talk and see what you want to do and then make a decision together.” – Brooke

So you can see there’s a variety of answers out there but no one is disagreeing that renting a limo for the prom is one of the most styling, fun and exciting ways you can get there. Whether your going to Prom as a group – or spending the evening with your high school sweetheart we have the perfect ride for you!  Check out our fleet and message us for prices and book your Prom Limo from Limo 805 today!

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